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On September 5, 2015 I was injured in an automobile accident for which I was 100% NOT AT FALUT. At first, I believed that I was only minimally injured. Further medical evaluation has shown that this was not the case. I had some internal injuries which initially caused my blood sugar level to skyrocket to 600 (normal is in the low 100's). Further, I was advised to seek the assistance of a chiropractor who determined that I need some adjustments to my spine and related areas. The x-rays showed that I also have some substantial arthritis – This was not unexpected with my attainment of the scriptural maximum of three score and ten as of last March.

Furthermore, these events forced me to do something I would never do otherwise, I suspended the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, the absolute high point of my week, for a month. The Liturgy celebration was resumed last Friday and will continue on that day. The two ladies who were in regular attendance decided to go elsewhere, their absolute right, for this and the fact that I am unable to have Liturgy on Sunday for a number of logistical and personal reasons.

Because I spent most of my adult life caring for the loves of my life and cleaning up after medical catastrophes in both their economic impacts and their emotional duress factors, I will be stepping down on September1, 2016.I wish to hang on that long because of my commitment to certain truths and beliefs which I do not negotiate or compromise in any way, I will establish electronic and telephonic channels for such announcements should anyone wish to attend.

It is impossible to easily read in the above print of my seal, but I added 'Puer Ejectus', the boy thrown away to my motto. This addendum pretty much elicits my experiences from about age eleven onward, the thirty-five year war with the Catholic Church, an institution whose sole stated purpose is to be a servant to the servants of God. This is not the case were lucre and ego trips are involved. My devotion to my family, home and hearth didn't mesh with my biological family's idea of keeping the money flowing, that's all that counts. Again, rejection. Finally, the wholesale sellout to evil and the gay agenda yet another infinite chasm of heartbreak.

It has been a long, hard and, for some, a totally excessive commitment to a goal and a dream so many sought to either short circuit, denigrate or outright disrespect. I did not give up. I have no regrets.

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The Archeparchy of Medjugorje will not condone any Immoral Act Legal or Otherwise!

Gay Marriages not performed here!

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